Black Lava Rock Lion Bracelet / Energy and Strength

United Kingdom, London
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Black Lava Rock Lion Bracelet / Energy and Strength
United Kingdom, London,
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== > By now your new Black Lava Rock  Lion Bracelet from our website, you can order by phone too. == > https://aura-london.co.uk/jewelry/black-lava-rock-lion-bracelet-energy-and-strength-035  < ==  +44 7384 702 246

       Strength and energy

Lion Charm 925 Solid-silver Gold Plated 10mm-8mm
Logo Ball 925 gold that is solid Plated 8mm
Signature Pendant "A" Aura 925 Solid Silver Gold Plated 
Ebony Lava Rock 8mm

              Lion Charm 
Тhis is a symbol of, as you might imagine, mostly deals with energy.
The reality that this is an animal that is nocturnal that the lion is a representation of authority and demand over the subconscious idea
A symbol that is old of sunshine, dominion, energy, ferocity, and bravery.

         Lava Rock
Lava rock is a stone, this is certainly igneous from flaming and boiling lava that erupts from the depths of this planet. Lava Rock is definitely the physical embodiment of fire, and as a result, is believed to transport energy this is certainly effective brings power, dedication, and enthusiasm to those who use it.
Lava stone can be considered a stone that is safety repels negativity. A stone of defense, power, and fertility, Basalt / Lava rock provides security in times of change. It frequently helps you to dissipate anger and supply understanding and guidance. A real stone that is grounding black Lava talents our link with mother nature.

                      Lava Rock- Zodiac Stone - Taurus & Crab

                Gold (Plated)
Gold is an all-function healer; stabilizes, purifies and balances; speaks of well-being and variety. It aids integrity and openness while building self-confidence when you look at the wearer. It may also help in beating fear and paralysis by permitting someone to maintain through harsh conditions. It evokes energy and can power and help overcome tendencies being depressive.

Like silver, silver symbolizes prosperity and a wide range. It raises the effectiveness of most stones while activating all of them for their prospects that is biggest. It is the material of thoughts, your head this is certainly psychic and of loving and curing.
All of the collection is built to purchase, please allow 3 to 5 times before delivery.
Our bracelets are handmade one by one, with a number this is certainly restricted of every each.

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